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A Must Have Piece of Art For Every Home


Several years ago Mr. B. did a little bartering with an amazing artist friend.  He’d create a coffee table for her and she’d create a piece of art for our home.


This is not your ordinary piece of art.  The three characters in the painting are our children.  As we reflected on the personalities of each child, our friend, Sarah Kauffman, used her talent to create this masterful representation.  This painting gives one the feeling of imagination, freedom, and whimsy.  You can see our first born, more studious child, in the flying boat reading a book.  Our youngest, Little Red, sitting beside her fishing. The middle child, our free bird, is soaring above but with a little assistance.   Sarah brought out their personalities beautifully, and told a wonderful story that sits above our mantle.

As I turn out the lights tonight, I’ll pause and reflect on this painting, thanking God for our pieces of art that make this home come to life.

We are the clay, You are our potter.  We are all the work of Your hands.

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