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Spoons With A Twist


We’ve always been drawn to the magical and whimsical.  Just look at our playhouse!  If that’s not magical, I don’t know what is!

Kitchen spoons are no exception.

Life’s too short to live with the ordinary.

spoons 1

The twisted handle magically molds to your hand.  Dishing out hot soup  makes your day seem a little more extraordinary.

spoons 2

They make a great display in your kitchen.  But don’t let them just hang around looking beautiful!  These spoons beg to be used! They’re made out of Osage Orange which is extremely hard, durable and rot resistant.  It’s arguably the most durable wood in North America and one of the toughest on the planet.

spoons 5

If you’d like a set I know a man who can make you some.  🙂

spoons 6

They make great gifts: Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Wedding, and House Warming!

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5 thoughts on “Spoons With A Twist

      1. Christa, I would like to order these. Is there a link, or can you send me order info?
        Thank you,
        Nancy Kleinert


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