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DIY Action Figure Halloween Costumes


If you’re looking for a more unique Halloween costume for your kids this year, you might consider creating your own. However, with demanding life schedules, the hours involved on creating Halloween costumes may not be within your reach. There is hope. A little bit of store bought and a little bit of homemade could set your kid’s costume apart from the other Action Figures in the neighborhood.

Action Figure Costumes




Every kid loves Super Heroes! Captain America is sure to be a hit. A purchased Captain America costume and shield along with homemade helmet and boots complete this look. Heroes Workshop gives a tutorial on how to make hero helmets. The boots are made from craft foam and hot glue. Just stick them on top of regular shoes.

One note about making your own helmets: It will take some trial and error to get the proportions right for your little ones. Your first helmet may end up fitting you!


Power Ranger Mega Force


These costumes are the perfect example of semi-homemade. All helmets were made using the Heroes Workshop helmet tutorial. Both blue and red Power Ranger costumes were purchased. The yellow Power Ranger is the only 100% homemade costume. The chest piece and foot wear were crafted with craft foam and hot glue. The shirt is a purchased turtle neck with white tights.


Old School Bat and Cat Girl.

Watch a couple of 1960’s Batman episodes and your kids will be ready to fight crime! Batgirl’s costume was purchased. Her helmet was made by watching the Heroes Workshop tutorial, boots were borrowed from my closet, and the gun belt was constructed by craft foam board and hot glue.

After looking at all the inappropriate Cat girl costumes online, we decided to completely create the costume from scratch.


Mr. B. mimicked the Anne Hathaway Cat Woman ears for this costume. The cat ears swing down to function as high tech goggles.


Gun belt was made by craft foam and the rest of the costume is purchased. Black zip up jacket, black leggings, and black boots.


Flash’s costume is all purchased except for the helmet. We used Heroes Workshop tutorial for the helmet.


Hawk Girl

My all time favorite costume was also our toughest challenge. When our middle child said she wanted to be Hawk Girl from the Justice League, Mr. B.¬†researched like crazy to figure out how to make that happen. They didn’t sale quality looking Hawk Girl costumes for kids. This costume had to be made from scratch.

All of the Hawk Girl images looked as if Hawk Girl ran around in her underwear. Instead of having our little girl trick or treat in her panties, Mr. B. created her bottoms out of craft foam. The same is done with her top and shoe coverings. A little green dye took care of the hunter green tights.


The Mask

WARNING: This was not easy to pull off. It took a lot of time and detail to get this mask right.


The Wings
The wings were also very difficult. They needed to be realistic looking AND to be light enough to make it through a night of trick or treating.

You don’t have to be a kid to dress up. After the kids go to bed, go ahead and put on their costume! Kids don’t have to be the ONLY ones to have all of the fun on Halloween!



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